Book-Binding with Stacy.

August 24 , 2015

Hello All !


It’s a great time in Singapore for crafters as we have so many to choose from and learn. Book-binding is a wonderful skill to acquire : first the basics like Long Stitch, Coptic, the Japanese Stitch and then moving on to complicated variations. Stacy is on our Design Team and a Resident Educator specialising in Book-binding.


As you can see Stacy brings her experience to this craft as well as the rare, less traditional ability of combining scrapbook supplies and techniques with book-binding. The results are always very beautiful ! Come join Stacy in her basic book-binding workshop and explore this craft.
Please visit her blog where you will find a detailed post : Doeracyscraps
Made With Love Workshop August schedules : HERE
Have a smooth week ahead ! Aida