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Hello everyone !
It’s Aida here and many of you might not know it, but I am also the Design Team Coordinator and look after the fabulously talented Designers who create the many projects you see around the store. Stacy Koo and myself are Educators as well and helm the Made With Love workshops. The other members of the team we are lucky to have are :
Goh Daolin
Dorcas Hei
Jelissa Mei
Marina Johan
Jeanette Lee
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Over the years we’ve seen changes in Scrapbook styles, amazing new products that have evolved, the glory days of some brands and sadly, the disappearance of many smaller manufacturers, the surprising popularity of planners and die-cutting systems. Changes sometimes have been too fast for crafters with many feeling confused and overwhelmed, unable to sort out their needs over wants.
If you are a crafter who feels left behind or bewildered by the many products, and tortally confused by crafting You Tube videos, this is where I suggest workshops can help.
1) Are scrapbook or brush calligraphy workshops useful ?
Jeanette says : yes they are useful. More so for brush calligraphy since there is a greater demand for it now as it is in trend. Basic techniques taught especially for people who are starting out. Introducing new techniques so that students can see the versatility of tools used etc and especially when I am being taught something different from what I usually do on my own like book binding, canvas , albums
Stacy says : yes. Every workshop comprises of a skill set or experience that the instructors share with the participants. The instructors have came up with the projects and have also experience dealing with the project. This is a huge factor that we can learn from. Human interaction also helps to encourage the learning process.
Jelissa says : Definitely! If I hadn’t taken a proper beginner’s class, I’ll be floundering. Subsequent more advanced classes are great for adding products and techniques to my repertoire.
2) What do you feel a good workshop should have ?
Dorcas says : a good workshop should have sufficient materials that allow the students to continue practicing their New skills after attending the workshop, this applies to brush workshop.
Daolin says : clear objectives and materials for future references. It should reasonably match the expectations of those who attend it so expectations of what is being taught and the depth and prerequisites should be apparent.
Jelissa says : Theory and the practical aspects should be covered – eg. why a technique is used or when putting together a layout, how should the elements be placed. Practical would be first demonstration of the technique followed by guiding the students to do on their own. A decent range of products should be introduced (and marketed) so that customers know what their choices are and this improves on their product knowledge as well.
3) Have workshops you have taken been useful ?
Daolin says : Yes! Having someone talk to you over the screen even (for online content) or in-class interaction is a whole ocean away from trying to understand concepts over books or pictorial instruction. Many aspects are also very tactile in nature so it matters especially when projects or techniques deal with issue of layering or texture.
Marina says : My first scrapbooking class was quite basic. It was clear that it was for beginners and I learned to have an eye for layering, little tips here and there as we go along. It might not be much but as a beginner I learned a lot of things. I’ve also been to a book binding class. The teacher was very clear and I got to bring home an instruction sheet and a kit to bring home and redo. Till this day, I’m still making my own books.
4) Any other points ?
As Educators based in the store, both Stacy and I often come across You Tube learners. There’s nothing wrong with watching You Tube craft videos ….. BUT (there’s always a but !) keep in mind these points : the products used might not be available in Singapore and there’s no clue to alternative supplies, the products and techniques may be out-dated, the videos tend to assume you already KNOW the basics and skip some steps thereby creating confusion. It takes you longer to finish a project because without any help, learning solo means wasting time and products through simple mistakes. By this I mean patterned paper being wasted, cut away because of not knowing how to see the design or the patterns effectively ….. Scrappers buying 20 sheets of papers when they need 4 at the most.
So what are the positives ? Learning in a workshop is just plain FUN !! You get to meet other Scrappers, start friendships based on a shared interest, find out new ways to use your supplies, explore products you would never think of using ! It’s really inspiring bouncing ideas off the Instructors or fellow workshop-mates. Crafting teaches you to be open to exploration, that mistakes really won’t kill you *LOL*.
As Educators we want YOU to learn, we want to teach new stuff, we want you to be able to move forward, create happily and successfully.
Every first week of the month, a new Workshop schedule is loaded
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You will find descriptions, photo sneaks and prices of each workshop.
Once you’ve decided on the workshop and date, all you need to do is
call 6733 7630 to book your place.
I hope you enjoyed this post and it has given you some thought. Have a wonderful, creative, inspiring 2017 !! Cheers, Aida.